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A big family name is behind authentic po-boys in D'Iberville

Quave Brothers is located in old town D’Iberville.
Quave Brothers is located in old town D’Iberville. Special to the Sun Herald

The Quave Brothers are serious about po-boys.

Coming from a Coast family that has been here for more than 300 years, it's a family steeped in local seafood and food culture, not to mention the restaurant business.

These guys know what makes a good po-boy. They know that it has got to be pressed and dressed, in what they call Back Bay Style. They know that a place that sells serious po-boys has got to have paper towels on the table, no wimpy napkin will do, and they know that locally baked bread is essential, not too crusty, not too soft.

And what sort of misguided foodie would order a po-boy without a Barq’s in a bottle? The art of the po-boy is about the subtle details.

Quave Brothers is in old town D’Iberville, not far from where the original family restaurant was (opened in 1993, closed with Hurricane Katrina). It’s a small restaurant and it fills up quickly, and a drive-thru helps with the congestion. But let me assure you, a short wait in line here is well worth the reward.

The best-selling po-boy is the 12 hour-long cooked Back Bay style pot roast po-boy, with lots of gravy ($9.99), but there is also a roast beef and gravy ($7.99) that is pretty darn good (yes, I tried them both!). Messy as can be, but seriously delicious.

As you might guess, next in line is the Back Bay Style shrimp po-boy ($9.99). It is loaded with corn flour-battered shrimp, and when served with the proverbial Barq’s in a bottle, a meal to long remember and savor.

Next is the famous crab meat and cheese po-boy ($12.99). This is perhaps the most famous po-boy on the Coast, invented at Rosette’s in Biloxi, and was then called the Vancleave Special. This Quave family recipe is 90 percent crab, and the best version of this amazing po-boy I have ever encountered.

There are lots of other po-boy choices on this menu, and my guess is that the Back Bay Style are most popular, but if you don’t want it dressed and pressed, you can go NOLA style (16 inches long). Perhaps the most interesting po-boy is the crab on crab. It’s a crab meat and cheese po-boy with fried soft shell crabs on top.

Pretty amazing, right? If you are not in the mood for a po-boy, there are five plates you can get as well, all seafood, and varying in price from $11.99 to $15.99.

The benchmark for po-boys on the Coast just got tougher. A lot tougher! Quave Brother’s Po-boys has people lined up and cars parked down the street. If you are a po-boy fan, this is the place to be.

Quave Brother’s Po-Boys & Meat Market

Where: 10271 D’Iberville Blvd. D’Iberville

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Phone: 228-392-8683