Coast Cooking: Consider making greens the main course


Special to the Sun Herald

Consider making greens the main course.
Consider making greens the main course.

We are focusing this week’s blog entries on side dishes that are so good they can stand in for the main course.

We have focused on greens many times before. I am a proponent of adding them to stews and see nothing wrong with eating them on a soft tortilla, but if you use judicious amounts of seasonings and daring amounts of pork, they will stand just as tall as any dish you might create.


The pork that works best for this recipe is the sliced, smoked bone-in chops you can find packaged at the meat counter. Another note, if the red pepper flakes you are using seem to have lost their punch, toss them and buy new ones. Most herbs and seasonings have a short shelf life, 6 months or so.

1 bunch turnip, collards or kale

3-4 cups homemade chicken or ham stock

1-2 cups chopped, smoked pork

Salt, freshly ground black pepper, red pepper flakes

Olive oil

Stem and wash the greens. Heat oil in a stock pot quite hot, then sear the chopped pork, getting it nice and brown. Add the red pepper flakes, then add the stock. Bring to a slow simmer for 15 minutes. Add the greens a hand full at a time, season again, and simmer until tender about 20 minutes.