Pickle of a Ghost Story

It all started last Saturday.

I was bored and in looking for a Saturday morning activity, I went to Pass Market in Pass Christian. That particular weekend was called Spring Pilgrimage and there was a variety of items such as arts and crafts, soaps, plants, vegetables, jellies and Mickle's Pickles.

I stopped at a small booth at the market to look at what the woman had and she asked if I had ever tried them. I hadn't heard of them, so she gave me a sample of the original flavor pickle slice.

They were very good, but I like spicy. So I left the booth with a $9 jar of Ghost Pickles.

Ghost Pickles are made with the bhut jolokia pepper (known as the ghost pepper), which has been called the world's hottest pepper.

I'm assuming it got the name because the spice doesn't actually hit you for a few seconds after the bite.

I brought the jar with me to meet my friend and once we tried the Ghost Pickles, we couldn't stop eating them. The entire jar was gone by that night.

Since Monday, I've been on the hunt for more of these pickles. I discovered that Mickles Pickles are made in Picayune and it is possible to order them. Sadly, I didn't think ordering them would get them to me fast enough (it has become an addiction in the past week).

On their website was a list of stores that carried the brand.

I noticed one of the stores that carried them was Scordino's Main Street Market in Moss Point. Since I am in East Jackson County daily, I thought this would be perfect.

On Wednesday when I went into Scordino's, I was devastated to learn that the owners are retiring and closing up shop. Their last day was March 29 and the slim inventory that was left in the store was 40 percent off with no pickles in site.

The search continued.

The next closest place listed that sold the pickles was Waveland Pharmacy on Highway 90 in Hancock County.

On Thursday morning I had the day off, so I trekked west and found the pharmacy had only two jars left. Of course, I bought both.

During my work week prior to finding them, I told everyone about these spicy little delights. And I promised to bring the jar to work on Friday to let everyone try them.

It was a general consensus that the sweet-turned-spicy flavor was definitely worth the trip.

However, this jar is already nearly halfway gone and honestly, by the time this story is posted online, it will probably be empty.

So, if any of you know where to find more of these in East Jackson County, please pass the information along!