Coast singer hopes moving to Atlanta pays off

De’Mickus Brothern
De’Mickus Brothern Carter Hillyer

De’Mickus Brothern is taking his dreams of music stardom to the next level.

The young singer recently left the Mississippi Gulf Coast for Atlanta where he plans to compete for a recording contract with more than 100 other wannabe-singers presenting their work in January to a new recording label started by L.A. Reid, former “The X Factor” judge, music executive, musician, songwriter, record producer, author and multiple Grammy winner.

Music was not Brothern’s first career choice, however. After graduating from Harrison Central High School, Brothern studied architecture in college but after a while became disenchanted with his studies.

He returned home and worked as a cheerleading coach and as a barista.

“I always loved singing,” he said, “but I didn’t realize until about two years ago that I really wanted to be a professional singer.”

Just for fun, Brothern began making music videos under his barista name “Housten,” and releasing them on the internet. The more “likes” he got, the more attention he got.

In May 2016 a talent scout from Atlanta heard a seven-second music video and followed Housten’s subsequent videos. In November, an Atlanta-based producer offered him a publishing and management recording contract.

Thus 2017 became a very busy year for him. He commuted between his work on the Coast and perfecting his music in Atlanta.

After recording eight songs and a video, which were marketed to recording companies in Los Angeles, his managers arranged for Brothern to fly to California where he recorded more songs and another video and met with various music industry executives.

Thoughout the rest of this year he has worked on new songs, written by successful hit-makers in Atlanta. In September he got the call to reside in Atlanta and concentrate all his working time on recording, singing and stage performance.

“I’m excited,” Brothern said. “I can finally wake up where my goal for that day is being a musician. In the past years my goal on waking up was just getting to a job on time.”

Brothern says his musical talents are largely self-taught. He can sing in the ranges of falsetto, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass.

“I have people who believe in me,” he said. “I have experienced managers and hit songwriters creating songs for me. They fully believe in me, and I’m more confident than ever before.”

But what will he do if this January showcase doesn’t work out well for him?

“I won’t quit,” Brothern said, “the music won’t let me quit.”