The price was paid. Happy Easter, y’all!

The price was paid. Easter is a constant reminder of the amazing, sacrificial gift of a good, good Father.

The price is right. That’s a game we play around our house. We are always searching for the right price for the right gift, and there are a whole lot of gifts to be purchased.

Over the years we’ve had bug bashes, princess parties, cowboy birthdays and mermaid merry makings. Our calendar is overflowing with cupcakes marking birthdays, birthdays, birthdays. With 14 growing grandbabies and the mamas and papas to go with them it is a continuous time of a party up in here. Pretty priceless, y’all.

Other than a lighter pocketbook, there is a downside when you’ve got grandbabies scattered across the state. We have found that sometimes we can’t always put a party hat on in person. Thank goodness for cellphones, Skype and internet shopping. The grandkids especially love the internet shopping.

Long before the calendar is flipping another year in one of these munchkins’ lives, I begin asking what they would like for their big day. Let the internet surfing saga begin.

One family group takes this on as a team sport. That would be the household of five girls. They gather around the computer and begin riding the wave of “What do I want?” A lot of collaboration goes on for sure. Even the littlest one adds her Swedish-sounding, “ya” for a yes when she spies something bright and shiny.

About five years back, it was the season of the beanbag. It takes a great deal of seeking just the right color and the right material to close the deal. Two of the sisters were collaborating on closing the deal with me on the perfect beanbag birthday gift. The younger of the two, Maddie, was helping the birthday girl and was the go-between on the phone texting me and plying me with questions. I thought I’d fall out when she very matter-of-factly asked, “Mawmaw, what is your price point?”

Price point? Who says that? Maddie was a 10-year-old at the time. Well, when I replied they were ecstatic as the beanbag was under my price point. The price was right.

A price point and the price is right is a “that’ll preach.” I thought long and hard about it with Easter here. What an unfathomable price point the Father had when “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that we might have eternal life.” Priceless.

This Easter, between bunnies and egg hunts, pretty outfits, pictures and great meals let’s please remember the cost of Easter. God’s son, Jesus, died a horrific death on the cross, was buried and rose again not for some unknown entity, but for you and for me. It costs you and me nothing, but He gave all. While we were yet sinners, He died for us. That is the ultimate gift … the ultimate price.

In remembering this priceless gift, may we say thank-you with our lives.

Have a blessed and happy Easter, y’all!

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.