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Update: Missing Biloxi woman used social media to contact family, friends

Nicole Ross
Nicole Ross
She used social media to contact family, friends

A Biloxi 18-year-old missing for nine days was found in Louisiana after she used social media to contact family and friends, police Sgt. O'Neil Adams said.

Nicole Ross was found in Slidell on Thursday.

She is in good health and said she was not the victim of any criminal activity while missing, Adams said.

Ross had gone to a McDonald's to use its Wi-Fi service, he said. The person who reported her missing alerted Biloxi police and a detective used a talk-to-text application to speak with her.

Ross told the officer where she was and the detective contacted Slidell police, who went to check on her, he said.

Ross was sought because police were told she needed medication and had no access to her medicine.

Ross had last been seen June 7 on Motsie Road in Biloxi.

"She said she just needed to clear her head," Adams said.