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The Ultimate Stunt

In 2014, Bello announced he would be pursuing the "Ultimate Stunt," 15 record-breaking stunts completed in 15 minutes.

Among them would be acts done on high wires, a motorcycle and even a helicopter.

Bello said he hasn't completed his ultimate goal, but he hopes to do so in the near future.

The Ultimate Stunt

1. The Wire Cycle

Bello will ride the cycle 60 feet in the air on top of the wire and dismount at the highest point of the stunt

2. The Fire Wire Walk

Bello will battle the flames from atop the wire.

3. The Rope Descent

No time for a harness, Bello free falls to beat the ball.

4. The Wheel of Steel

Also known as the wheel of death, the rotating contraption will keep Bello on his toes as he makes his way to the other side.

5. The Free Climb

Bello attempts the fastest climb up a pole.

6. The Transfer

Bello will attempt to jump from one pole to another.

7. The Drop

Bello will slide head first down a 60-foot pole.

8. The Cannon

Bello will fly 110 feet out of a cannon.

9. The Chopper Blade

The cannon will throw Bello over the rotating blades of a helicopter.

10. The Jump

Bello will attempt to jump without sight of his landing.

11. The Flames

Bello will jump his motorcycle over a wall of fire.

12. The Wall of Fire

Bello will crash his motorcycle through a wall of fire.

13. The Chopper Exchange

Bello will climb abourd the helicopter from his moving motorcycle.

14. The Lift

Bello will hang on as the helicopter makes it ascent.

15. The Drop

Bello will attempt the world's highest free fall from a helicopter.