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Fight the good fight

By Kandi Farris

Little boys are those creatures who like a great adventure and things that go kaboom.

Their eyes gleam with mischief and the hope today will be the day they get to play in a big way.

It has been said adult males are just little boys who buy bigger toys. The guys I am about to introduce you to, not so much. They just got taller and the mischief in their eyes still gleams.

Our friend, Walt, walked out to the mailbox and lo and behold there was what appeared to be a very large stick daring to mess up his pristine yard. He looked at the stick -- I mean the log -- a little better. The stick rose up flaring its head and hissing. It was a very large and menacing snake, maybe even a python.

Walt who quickly realized this was nothing to be handled alone called his neighbor, Joey. Walt had a shovel on the snake but the ground beneath was so mushy from all the rain nothing was happening but a sinking snake.

Joey was supposed to hold the snake as Walt sought bigger ammunition, but the way this thing was trying to wrap itself around the shovel it wasn't happening. It was possible this "boa constrictor" might come loose and strangle him.

Mr. No Shoulders made a break for it by moving into the drainpipe under the driveway. Walt with that gleam in his eye brought out the bottle rockets. He shut off one end of the pipe with a shovel and began the assault. Nothing. Heavier artillery was needed.

Joey ran into his garage pulling out an arsenal of Roman candles. Who has all these fireworks in the garage? The two boys had a wonderful time with their fireworks and the snake. Finally the anaconda/moccasin rose up from the drain with a concussed look and the neighborhood was saved. The snake war resembling World War III came to an end.

I am very thankful for one less poisonous snake slithering through the yards. The enemy was attacked with zeal and eliminated. That'll preach.

There are a lot of sneaky, snakes ready to slither into our lives. They take on the chameleon look of innocent sticks, but are really ready to rise and strike. If we aren't vigilant at recognizing the potential for danger we are likely to get bitten.

In our spiritual and physical lives these "predators" can come in the form of enticing draws. Have a weakness? Be on the lookout, the snake is around the bend.

We need to be as vigilant as these two fellows at stopping the enemy before he sets up camp or like in the "garden" we get introduced to and lured into a mess that will change the complexion of our lives. Remember, we have weapons when we are weak, we have an Advocate making us strong.

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds," 1st Cor. 10:4

Fight the good fight and thank heaven for little boys.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.