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Nicolas Cage film 'Southern Fury' completes Coast filming


BILOXI -- And that's a wrap.

Principal filming on the Steven C. Miller movie “Southern Fury,” which was being done at locations on the Coast, was completed Saturday.

The film stars Adrian Grenier and Jonathon Schaech as brothers, John Cusack as a police officer and Nicolas Cage as the villain.

It was produced by Randall Emmett for Emmett Furla Oasis Films, the company that produced last summer’s Bruce Willis action thriller, "Precious Cargo," also shot on the Coast. "Precious Cargo" is currently available on pay-for-view platforms.

“We used a lot of local crews based in the ‘Hollywood South’ corridor,” said Jean Marie Murphy, the film’s publicist. “EFO uses a lot of the same crew and even some of the same actors on their films — the production company is very loyal.”

The film was shot in about three weeks.

Among its locations were East Biloxi, the Flamingo Beach Hotel and Slap Ya Momma’s Smokehouse & BBQ.

“Everybody loves shooting down here,’” she said. “One of the actors calls it ‘film summer camp.

“And it’s also good for the economy because everybody is staying down here and eating and spending money.”

Murphy said she hopes EFO will shoot more films on the Coast.

“I hope we’re going to come back next summer,” she said. “We love it down here — the people are very nice and you can’t beat that Southern hospitality.”

“Southern Fury” is scheduled for release in 2017.