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Put away the pattern, let God take over

By Kandi Farris

Patterns are handy. Templates are time saving. Examples are sparks for creativity. Mentors are life changing.

All the above are true in my world. I need all of them to get the ol' brain headed in the right direction. Ideas start flowing when I see a concept of what could be. I think that's why I always collected magazine pictures, way too many magazine pictures.

They cluttered my house and if I'm honest, they still do. I'd make folders of everything I liked and save them for a rainy day. They might still be used if I could remember where I put the folder.

Technology has certainly helped in the area of keeping ideas organized. All these new sites for sparking ideas, patterns to follow and then storing them are downright amazing. Maybe I will toss the magazines.

But what if something is outside of the box? What if there is no original pattern?

I read something interesting the other day about a new prototype of golf club. In laymen's terms, money was no object to the man behind the clubs. He had these really smart guys, the money and an idea for how he wanted a club to work. He took his concept to the smart guys and basically told them to make these clubs that have never been made before.

Remember, resources were no object. One of the inventors said the hardest thing was being given all you needed to do whatever you needed, but with no plan because no one had ever made clubs like these before. They were outside the box.

We like things neat and tidy. We like things that fit our understanding and mold.

That'll preach. So many times I've been completely dumbfounded by a person's creativity, wishing I had a tad of their originality. Yet, at the same time spiritually, I want everything neat and tidy. I kind of end up telling God how I think He should handle things.

Now, that's just plain dumb. The Creator of the universe knows some stuff. He can handle our needs in ways our brains can't even comprehend.

When life becomes messy and doesn't go as we had planned, when the template of peace, healing and financial stability doesn't fit our lives, we need to throw our arms up and say, "Father, I give. You are the Creator of the Universe. Your ways are not my ways. I don't necessarily want this cup or this hand that's being dealt, but nevertheless Thy will be done."

God always amazes and we should wait in expectation, for God is good. He is the creator of the box, the template and the example.

"For this is God, Our God forever and ever; He will be our guide even to death." -- Psalm 48:14

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.