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I rappelled off a casino for Habitat for Humanity

BILOXI -- The Coast looks pretty good from 300 feet up.

That is about how high up I was when the guy teaching me how to rappel told me to put the balls of my feet on the edge of the IP Casino Resort's roof and sit back into a very sturdy-feeling harness over 300 feet of air.

I've never been scared of heights, but I had also never tested that theory with a 300-foot rappel. Good news: Still not scared of heights.

What did make me nervous was a third of the way down, when I started spinning on the rope with no good way of turning myself back toward the wall.

More good news: As long as you keep pulling the lever on the descender, you keep heading toward the ground and the entire experience is pretty fabulous regardless of the spinning bit.

The best news, though? The Over The Edge Fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is approaching $50,000 raised for building and refurbishing homes for families in need.

Eight VIP participants rappelled Friday. (Apparently I qualify as VIP. I'm not entirely sure how that happened.)

Forty people who raised at least $1,000 will participate Saturday. They include business leaders, City Council members, media personalities and people who just wanted to be suspended in thin air a good cause.

Habitat for Humanity is still accepting donations.