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Make that 'period' a 'comma'

By Kandi Farris

Feeling a little flat lately? Just find a child. T-ball games are the best. The Bowed Bombers were especially fancy and fun.

It's a time when the number of runs aren't as important as just enjoying the moment.

There are players at bat, learning not to throw the bat (coaches can still jump). There are first-time players finding new routes to home or just to anywhere. The most stoic will cackle.

It's wonderful to watch imaginations unfold as little ones dig in the dirt and dance to their own music while others are on the threshold of becoming serious students of the game. All different and all becoming . . .

Their lives are full of hope. Their stories are in the beginning chapters, and the ink is barely dry on the contents. What will they become?

I woke up the other morning thinking, Our lives are not flat, photoshopped moments appearing across the screens of social media. We are so much more and maybe even at times, less. The often-unseen backstories make our pages full.

Many have been steam-rolled by circumstances of their lives, their chapters both painful and hard. Like the man or woman who seem to have had a period put on their dreams. A period-blocking opportunity, change or anything beautiful coming into their world.

Let me shout this from the mountaintops: "Don't be afraid of man's period. Period!" When you open the scriptures they are ripe with hope. The eyes of the heart open to see not a period but a comma, followed by "but God."

That'll preach. "My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." (Psalm 73:26)

I have watched the truth of Scripture played out in so many. What may make one person curl up in a ball is the very thing which causes another to take seriously the magnitude of those two words.

Difficult childhoods have led to amazing parenting, their hard back stories becoming the catalyst for change in others' lives. Wounded warriors who were sentenced with a period have gone on to encourage us to become more by example.

Challenged children have risen to pray for pastors and master more than most. Prisoners to addictions have become ministers of freedom. Marriages have been made new. Critically damaged people have risen beyond their labels and circumstances because of the truthful, amazing power of two words: "but God."

Go out today and allow God to continue writing your story with the ink of "but God." Who knows? You may hit a grand slam.

Kandi Farris, a freelance correspondent, also is a speaker on matters of faith and values.