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Even folks at Waffle House see through 'new law'

This morning, I went to Waffle House. There was a lull in business and the staff and customers were talking about "that new law." They were angry about it. They said it was discriminatory. They said it would hurt business in the state.

Gov. Bryant has said we don't understand the law, but we do. We understand it means a pharmacist can refuse birth control, or a landlord can refuse housing. We understand almost anyone can be refused service in a restaurant, a swimming pool, movie theater, a casino or any other venue. We understand it isn't just about the LGBT community. We know it is about all of us.

Gov. Bryant says we are "over-reacting." I don't think he could have said something more offensive if he had thought about it all night. Within a week of Bryant's signature, almost every university in the state, many of the state's cities, numerous industries, five states and every civil rights advocacy group condemned this law.

You don't have to be a lawyer to read this law and understand why it is so dangerous. Remember this, Gov. Bryant, as you sit behind your wall of yes-men: It's not just professors in ivory towers and professional activists who are condemning this law. It's also the people at Waffle House, and we're not nearly so stupid as you think we are.