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Coast sees little population change

As of July 1, 2015, the Gulfport-Biloxi-Pascagoula Metropolitan Area had a population of 389,255.

That's an increase of about 0.8 percent from July 1, 2014, when the area had 386,297 people. That's about the same rate of annual growth as seen over the previous five years. The overall growth since 2010 has been about 18,500 people, or 5 percent.

The population of Hancock County stayed about even over the past year, ticking up by only 385 people to a total of 46,420. Harrison County saw slightly more growth, increasing from 198,758 in 2014 to 201,410 in 2015. And Jackson County's population decreased by only 79 people to 141,425.

The population of Mississippi decreased slightly from 2,993,443 to 2,992,333. The state has seen overall growth, though, since 2010 when the population was 2,968,103.

Eight of the top 20 fastest growing counties in the US were in Texas: Hays, Comal, Fort Bend, Kendall, Gaines, Waller, Williamson and Andrews counties. Twelve of the top 20 were in the South, with Sumter County, Fla., Forsyth County, Ga,. St. Johns County, Fla., and Osceola County, Fla., also on that list.

The top four fastest growing counties in the US, though, were all in North Dakota.