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'Mallrats' star Jeremy London will make short film in Woolmarket


Self-help and support groups help many, from people who battle alcohol and drug addictions to those who suffer with depression.

But what if there was a group geared toward famous monsters?

That is the premise of a short film "Monsters Anonymous," which actor Jeremy London ("Party of Five," "Mallrats") will direct. It is set to begin filming in Woolmarket in February.

It is being produced by Michael Anglin and Darnell Fayard Sheffield, who are wrapping up principal photography on "Iniquity," which has been filming on the Coast.

"Monsters Anonymous" was written by Jason Robbins, Wally Phelps and London.

"It's hilarious and a definitely-not-for-children short film about a therapy session of classic monsters on a weekly basis, because they are depressed because they aren't scary anymore " London said.

Sheffield said the film shows what happens when monsters have an existential crisis.

"'Monsters Anonymous' allows you be a fly on the wall and get inside one of these hilarious group-therapy sessions," Sheffield said. "Will the monsters overcome their depression and get their scary swagger back? You'll have to wait and see."

London said the short film is a satire of zombies and modern horror stars and how they've made classic stars such as Dracula and Frankenstein seem obsolete. But he promises the film delivers more than just satire.

"There's a real heart to the film," he said. "When you finish watching it you're going to go, 'Holy cow -- there was a real message,' because there is."

He said he immediately loved Robbins' and Phelps' script.

"It was hilarious," he said. "They did a great job. I just came in and punched it up a little bit."

To help finance the project, the filmmakers have launched a crowdsourcing campaign.

"We have a Kickstarter page called," he said.

London said casting should be complete by Valentine's Day.

"We're going to announce the casting call on the film's Facebook page," he said. "We have an awesome poster for the film that was designed by Jason Edwards. Once we get started, we should finish the filming in about three days."