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Holiday shopping rush - the season finale

BILOXI -- Though Christmas has passed, the holiday shopping rush still has a bit of fuel left in its tank.

Large crowds roamed the halls and shops at Edgewater Mall on Saturday, bringing in new sales for retailers such as Pure Beauty, a small beauty-products kiosk.

Sam Lubovsky, a sales representative at Pure Beauty, said she believes the rush will continue for about a week before it levels off.

"It has been a good day," she said. "Today we had nothing as far as exchanges."

Reed's Jewelers had its share of customers, though not all of them came to buy. A sales associate there, who declined to be named, said the store was handling lots of returns and exchanges.

Shopper Carlos Galvan braved the crowds in order to make additional Christmas purchases for his kids.

Galvan, standing outside Bath & Body Works waiting for his wife, said he brought his family to the mall to eat and get a few things for his daughter and one of his sons.

He said one of his sons became envious of a remote-controlled helicopter his other son received on Christmas, which had broken.

"Yesterday, my son's helicopter broke, so I got him this one," Galvan said. "Once I repair the tail on his broken helicopter, I'll give that one to his brother."

Dillard's and Belk department stores are also encouraging post-Christmas sales, offering 40 to 50 percent off on select items through today.

"I think the week after Christmas will be good, but then sales (should) go down after that," Lubovsky said. "That's just what I've seen."