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Biloxi Lugger hits the spot on Biloxi's Back Bay

The Biloxi Lugger Seafood Restaurant overlooking Biloxi's Back Bay is unique.

Large glass doors give it an outdoor feel in good weather, and when the north wind blows and the doors are closed, you still have a great view.

In the daytime, you can watch the shrimp boats come and go, and at night the view of the lighted bridge is beautiful.

Combine the great design with a Biloxi Lugger-themed bar, high ceilings and local memorabilia, and you've got a great place for lunch, an after-work drink with friends or an evening meal with the family.

But no restaurant can make its way without a menu to match or exceed its ambiance. The Lugger is situated in the heart of Biloxi's famous Point Cadet district, home for countless years to seafood factories, boat yards and blue-collar neighborhoods. Wisely, the Lugger has taken this theme for its menu and offers many of the old favorites the hearty folks who once lived on the Point might expect.

This menu starts with all the ingredients of a great tapas-style meal with friends. There are lots of little offerings that are just the right size so everyone can have a taste, but not have to fill up on a single huge portion.

The Debris Fries ($9.95) is a great choice. It's a pile of French fries topped with chopped roast beef, house-made gravy and cheddar cheese. Make sure to get enough forks for everyone -- and lots of napkins.

Any Biloxi hangout would not be true to form without an offering of salty oysters (priced according to market price). Eat them raw by the dozen or half-dozen, or have them grilled with Parmesan garlic butter, Rockefeller or flame broiled. You wouldn't forget to order a cold, locally brewed beer with your oysters, would you?

Another mandatory category for a place claiming to represent Biloxi is the selection of po-boys. The Lugger uses locally baked bread and the po-boys are dressed and pressed. Try fried shrimp ($10.95), oysters ($12.95), roast beef ($12.95), soft-shell crab ($14.95) or the po-boy that put Biloxi on the po-boy map -- the crab meat and cheese po-boy ($13.95).

If you are seriously hungry, then dive into some of the Coast's most famous offerings, such as the flounder stuffed with crab meat and topped with a lovely garlic butter sauce, or the universally popular seafood, shrimp or oyster platters from $16.95 to $26.95 for the combo.

You will never go wrong when you order shrimp and grits ($15.95).

There also is a shrimp-and-bacon-topped burger ($12.95) that will blow you away. It is a must-try.

When you are in the mood for some of Biloxi's best-known culinary offerings, a few memories of the old days and a view of the Biloxi Bay, take Oak Street to Eighth Street, head east and you will find the Biloxi Lugger Seafood Restaurant.