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Ocean Springs School Board honors techie teachers

The Ocean Springs School Board recognized 37 educators who use innovative classroom technologies. Teachers submit student created artifacts of web pages, videos and electronic posters. Parent newsletters, positive emails home about students and collaboration with peers is emphasized. A certificate and banner is awarded the first year and gold star for additional years. In the third year of the Model Technology Classroom program, the district hopes to inspire more teachers to use technology to increase student interest. From left: Kimberly Herbert, Wendy Streiff, Christopher Williams, Andrea Monaghan, Paige Phillips, Melissa Sundberg, Ann Blue, Kerry Foreman, Haley Hood, Lisa Fortenberry, Sarah Gennarelli, Allison Yarrow, Leanne Halford, Meredith Blades, Shannon Butler, Britany Oliphant, Debera Dawkins, Katie Bailey, Valerie Gilbert, Keri Peresich, Joy Brown, Maya Dute, Deanna Caviness and Brooke Dykes. Not pictured: Shonda Bourn, Ashley Chennault, Charlene Cherota, Lamar Estis, Gina Freeland, Genny Halstead, Charlotte Hayes, Sara Johnston, Bridgette Kuluz, Cheryl Latil, Maria Lopez, Cathleen Morris, Christen Nichols, Donna Rutherford and Melissa Vick.