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SRHS crisis managers flying under the radar

We know Singing River Health System has hired a crisis management firm as it deals with dire financial problems. But the public hasn't heard a peep out of the firm, Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock.

Rest assured, the crisis managers are working.

Singing River has confirmed Jarrard et al had a hand in the news release sent out at 6:15 p.m. Friday about the health system's lawsuit against national accounting firm KPMG. Friday evening is a great time to announce a lawsuit. It's easier to control the message at that late hour.

Singing River also got an assist, inadvertently one assumes, from the federal court's electronic filing system. It was down. So there was no way to read and publish the actual lawsuit until Saturday. By then, it was yesterday's news.

Jarrard Phillips suggested language that Singing River could use in the news release and offered suggestions for getting its message across, I'm told.Singing River reviewed the suggestions, finalized the news release and sent it out, presumably so late because CEO Kevin Holland wanted to first notify employees the lawsuit had been filed.

We don't know who came up with the verb "botched" in the release, as in " . . . KPMG negligently botched its audits . . . ," but, hey, points for that.

We also don't know how much Jarrard Phillips is earning. Singing River won't share the firm's hourly rate or contract. A Sun Herald reporter's call to the firm has gone unreturned.