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But I didn't ask anyone to steal ...

One post, and already I've riled up a law firm and executives at Singing River Health System.

Geez. I think they're the only ones who even SAW the post.

At any rate, they say I've asked employees to "remove" or "take" records from the county-owned health system. This is not true.

Here's what I wrote:

"To Singing River employees, current and former: If you happen to have any records that might shed light on why Singing River's finances are so dire that the employee pension plan failed, please share.

We promise to put the records to good use and, what's more, put them online for the public."The Sun Herald heard from Singing River's law firm, a letter to the editor we published. Singing River employees also received a letter warning them not to share the health system's documents with the Sun Herald.

My request for records stands. Many heads are better than one.

But we do not want anyone's medical records and we feel sure you have no desire to send them to us.

The diligent employees of Singing River Health System already have located and posted records on the Srhs Hopes Facebook page. They are public records. Example: incorporation papers for companies owned or managed by trustees and their attorneys, some of them companies in health-care related fields.

Deeds of trust are public record. Health system audits are public record. We've posted those.

Lawsuits are public record. They'll pop right up on Google with a simple search.

So, if you find something interesting, pass it along. I delayed writing another post because we are trying to set up a document repository the public can access.

But these lawyers suing Singing River won't slow down. I've been busy reporting on all these lawsuits.

And U.S. District Judge Louis Guirola has gone into overdrive, entering orders in two separate Singing River lawsuits. (Federal judge orders 90-day reprieve on pension plan termination and SRHS retiree's attorney: 'The hunt is on' for whoever halted pension funding.

We'll set up the repository as soon as it slows down and I can fish out some of the records on my very messy desk.

Thanks for reading. Be in touch.