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State ranks poorly in Best Places to Live report

Mississippi struggles in nearly all categories of a report put out by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The report rated states in the United States and regions throughout the world in nine categories, including health, education and jobs. Among the United States, including the District of Columbia, the state ranked 51st.

There were bright spots for Mississippi, however. It ranked second in the U.S. in civic engagement, measured by voter turnout, behind only D.C. It ranks 15th in environment, measured by the population's exposure to air pollution. Louisiana ranked just ahead of Mississippi in the environment category, with Alabama behind it.

The other categories in the report, and the metric used to measure it, examined were:

Income: Household disposable income per capita (Mississippi ranks 49th)

Jobs: Employment rate and unemployment rates (Mississippi ranks 51st)

Health: Live expectancy at birth and age-adjusted mortality (Mississippi ranks 51st)

Education: Labor force with at least a secondary education (Mississippi ranks 49th)

Safety: Homicide rate (Mississippi ranks tied for last)

Accessibility to services: Share of households with Internet broadband access (Mississippi ranks 51st)

Housing: Number of rooms per person in dwelling (Mississippi ranks 30th)

Below is an interactive graphic showing the state rankings. You can sort by state name or by ranking, in individual categories or overall.

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