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NFL MAP 2014: Saints lose counties to Cowboys, Falcons

Rise up Saints fans, the enemies are encroaching on our borders.

The latest Facebook map of majority NFL team “Likes” by county shows Cowboys and Falcons fans creeping across state lines.

Last year's map had 208 counties in Saints territory and this year it fell to 198.

A breakdown:

  • Cowboys are clustering in the Tennessee-Arkansas corner of the state, gaining two counties when Tunica, Tate and Marshall counties joined Desoto. However, Benton County switched to Saints.
  • The four holdout Saints counties in Texas were swallowed by the Cowboy nation.
  • Alabama's Cowboy counties dropped from four to one (Lawrence County near Decatur) but the eastern border saw a strengthening of Falcons fans, growing from 9 to 15.
  • The mishmash of loyalty that is Florida took over former Saints territory in the eastern panhandle, with three counties switching to Cowboys, Dolphins and Steelers of all teams. Although much like Dallas, there are pockets of Pittsburgh fans scattered across the country.
  • No one likes the Jets. They lost their only county in the nation (Nassau County, N.Y.) to the Giants.
  • Last year Facebook also showed top five fans each team's followers were most likely to be friends with. Saints fans were most likely to be friends with Dallas, Pittsburgh and New England fans.
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