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Cronauer talks to Military Times about his experiences with Robin Williams

In 1987, Robin Williams portrayed an outgoing Air Force disc jockey in the hit flick "Good Morning, Vietnam." Tuesday, that same D.J., Adrian Cronauer, talked to Military Times about Williams' passing.

In the movie, Williams gets into all kinds of trouble. Cronauer previously joked he'd have been in Leavenworth had he really done all the things in the movie. That being said, Cronauer said he didn't have a problem with Williams portrayal.

"It was never intended to be a point-by-point accurate biography," he told Military Times on Tuesday. "It was intended to be a piece of entertainment and it certainly was that. It was nominated for an Academy Award and you don't get much better than that.

In the interview, Cronauer was asked about Williams' death, the movie's portrayal of service members and his interactions with the comedic actor.

Cronauer said the director, Barry Levinson, deliberately kept him and Williams apart until after the film was set to debut.

"We exchanged Christmas cards and in 1991 his wife at the time, Marsha, invited 200 or 300 of his very closest friends to California to celebrate his 40th birthday," he said. "His mother was the star of the show because she was already in her 80s. She had to leave early because she had a hot date that night. So the apple didn't fall too far from the tree."

Williams' mother, as much of the Magnolia State has learned by now, had deep Mississippi ties.

Cronauer said Williams was always "on" around him except for one time -- when he was with his children.

"They are, you see, no threat to him," he said. "It's unconditional love. That allowed him to let down the facade a little bit."

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