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#moveforward with digital solution: Velocity

Media delivers its message differently today than it did yesterday, last week, last month and last year. Sun Herald and are constantly moving forward to enhance their digital platform and multimedia presentation, and we want our readers and advertisers to #thinkdigital and #jointheparty.

A core team of Sun Herald representatives from the newsroom and advertising departments developed Velocity, a full-service digital solution for advertising needs.

Velocity is moving forward, and we're taking you with us.

The 100 percent digital solution has the capability to promote your brand on digital platforms around the globe.

"We can sell digital solutions anywhere," said Shannon Wall, Sun Herald advertising director. "We're a part of the Sun Herald brand, but we're so much more than just"

Wall said that adding the Velocity brand under the Sun Herald umbrella is yet another step the company is taking to evolve with the digital age.

"We've been doing this all along, but we felt it was important to create a digital brand that differentiates from print," she said.

Velocity tosses traditional online ads out the window, because advertisers want to deliver messages differently today than they did yesterday, last week, last month and last year.

Digital Advertising Manager Paul Morrone said Velocity offers advertising services such as display, mobile, tablet, video, search and social that parallel the needs of our forward-thinking society.

"It blends creativity with cutting-edge technology and creates a tailored solution for the advertiser," Morrone said. "You can have the best technology, but if you don't have the creativity to power it, you have nothing."

And Velocity's reach never meets a dead-end road.

"We can go anywhere," Morrone said. "If you want to reach from here to Canada, we can do that. If you only want one city block, we can do that, too."

Wall said Velocity will help businesses increase search ranking, build social presence and target audiences.

"Velocity is anything, everything, everywhere," she said.

Wall said Velocity representatives can create custom solutions on any digital platform for any advertising client. Representatives have the tools to guide clients to the future and enhance their digital footprint.