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Super Bowl or Bust for Saints?

Some are labeling this Saints team as the best ever. On paper.

I get it. It's a legit theory.

An improved Top 5 defense (on paper).

A speedier Top 5 passing offense (on paper).

The best would have to win a Super Bowl in 2014, which newly-minted Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Jordan has already said would occur. Of course, Saints GM Mickey Loomis and coach Sean Payton didn't take the bait during Thursday's press conference.

Loomis: "I don’t pay a lot of attention to that because no one said that in 2009 when we won the Super Bowl (XLIV)."

Payton: "Look, this team will be measured, not by what people are saying today on talk shows or in the newspapers, it will be measured really at the end of the season and that is the great thing about the NFL that you play, you try and win the division, you try to advance to the postseason, you try and go on to win a Super Bowl and you don’t have to worry about how you stack up maybe in a BCS. It will be through hard work and we have a lot to do and we can’t get started quick enough."

Good points, guys. But that doesn't mean the original premise is untrue. On paper.

Where can we say the Saints defense is worse off than last season? Same on offense...

Give this Saints team an average running game, a few forced turnovers on defense and the ability to close out a few games late, unlike in 2013 at Carolina and New England, and a little extra toughness on the road in places like Seattle, and suddenly, you could have the next World Champion.

Where do you see the Saints ending 2014?