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You can't beat Rocky & Carlos, but you can fake it at home

My husband is a Coast native and delights in introducing me to things that are uniquely part of the community.

One of those things is Rocky & Carlos' over in St. Bernard Parish, La., not far from where he grew up in Waveland.

The restaurant serves up tons of great food, but the restaurant is known for its mac 'n' cheese.

Someone on Facebook reposted a WWL-TV video on how they make the dish and it got the conversation started.

So my dear husband looked around and found a recipe that was pretty close and made his own version for dinner, served with pork chops and grilled eggplant.


So if you want a taste of Rocky & Carlos, try this version from GiGi's Recipes. Better yet, head on down to St. Bernard Parish at 613 W St Bernard Hwy, Chalmette, LA 70043 and try theirs. Bring your appetite!