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NCAA could add early signing period for football

The NCAA is considering adding an early signing period for football.

Susan Peal, NCAA associate director of operations, told ESPN this week the Conference Commissioners Association are thinking about adding an earlier date to go along with the long-existing date on the first Wednesday in February. She manages the national letters of intent program.

The letter of intent program is governed by the CCA, a 32-member panel of Division I conference commissioners. The group will meet in June to review an agenda that includes an early signing period.

A big reason for the change: last fall's allotment of financial-aid agreements, available for January-enrolling prospects on Aug. 1 of their senior years to secure a scholarship. Prospects who sign financial-aid agreements and enroll early do not sign letters of intent.

"I think there's more momentum now than ever just because of the changes that are happening with recruiting regulations," Peal said. "The landscape is changing, so it's time to look at it again."

A rule change would also affect visit dates. The current rule has rising seniors can't make official visits until Sept. 1 of their Senior year. The NCAA would have to set visits during the summer period.

The guess here is that players will be allowed to sign during the Fall Signing Period in November like for basketball signees, starting with the 2015 class.