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Scranton's can cook a mean steak

When you think about food in Pascagoula, Scranton's Restaurant and Catering is probably the first name to come up. 

And there's a reason for that. 

I had only eaten at Scranton's once before, but I had plenty of their meals, since they cater most events in Jackson County and the food was always really good. 

On the last Honor Flight, I sat next to one of Scranton's owners, Richard Chenoweth, on the bus during the Washington, D.C. 

We chatted about why he was there, and about other things - like how he needs to teach a cooking class so I can learn how to use something in my kitchen other than the microwave. 

He invited me into Scranton's to try a steak that they had leftover from a recent event that they catered. 

I went there Thursday to see what this meal was all about. It included a bacon-wrapped cut of steak, perfectly cooked to order, garlic green beans and rich, cheesy scalloped potatoes. 


That was, hands-down, the best steak I've ever had in my life. And I'm not exaggerating. 

I'm not a food critic by any means, but I do know when food tastes good. And that food was phenomenal. 

Often times, I've been to so-called chain "steakhouses" and have ordered my steak medium, only to have it overcooked. 

Not this time. It was literally perfect. And the sides were just as good. The green beans were full of flavor, which I didn't even know was possible and the potatoes were so rich that I could only finish half of them. But you better believe I took the rest home with me.