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Chris Ivory was ready to leave New Orleans

Former Saints RB Chris Ivory was asked Wednesday by New Orleans area if he asked the Saints for a trade. his response:
"I didn’t ask for a trade, but I just felt like it was time for other moves, but at the same time I had to go through them. I didn’t ask for it, but yet again it was a crowded backfield, so I was happy with the move."
 New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was asked if he worried about his twin brother, Rob, the Saints defensive coordinator, living in a place like New Orleans.
Rex: "Why? How big he could get?  I think he probably fits right in."

Drew Brees' back-to-back false state penalties Sunday vs. Buffalo were as much a surprise to him as they were to viewers.
When is the last time you've seen that?
"One was under center, one was on the gun," Brees said. "I know that this was talked about in the past. I think the way that this was phrased to us two years ago when we had one of the heads of officiating come to us, I believe the terms he used was demonstrative hand movement in the gun mainly, kind of like this thrusting of the hands forward, that that would be illegal and would be called a penalty as you try to draw them offsides. If under center, there was a demonstrative body movement of some kind, knees, body and so I feel like I’ve always tried to be aware of that. Typically in a game if there’s something that happens, an official will say watch your head or I’m going to call something you next time or watch your hands, I’m going to call it next time. They give you a warning."
No warning, Sunday afternoon. Just two penalties. The first on the last play of the first quarter, the second on the first play of the second. A third and 1 transformed into third and 11. After an incomplete pass, Garrett Hartley missed a 38-yard field goal.
"Every officiating crew has tendencies to call something a little differently," Brees said. "Maybe give you a little bit more leeway here or not so much here and to have it called back-to-back is a little unusual, especially with no warning and then when you look at the film, I’m saying did I do anything differently there than I’ve always done? No I didn’t. It is what it is and you try to make the adjustments."
Brees has been sacked 18 times in seven games. Last season, he was sacked 26 times in 16 games.