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Toning down the volume at Pascagoula library

I've always been under the impression that libraries were supposed to be quiet.

Apparently not.

Tuesday, I worked out of the Pascagoula library for part of the day with one of my coworkers. We sat across the table from each other and literally had to yell to hear what we were saying. 

Right outside the library is a train track. I'm not sure how the two were placed side by side, but somehow, they are. And Pascagoula, being the industrial city that it is, has a train pass by frequently. I would say at least every 30 minutes. 

On top of that, repair work was being done to the front door of the library, which apparently required a jackhammer

All of this within just a few hours. 

The workers were replacing hinges in the front door, and Rex Bridges, spokesman for the Jackson-George Regional Library, said that's good news.

The doors are now working and the train sound should not be as loud with the main doors closed.

The Pascagoula library is a beautiful facility and a wonderful resource for the community. On any given day, the computer area is packed with people. The library offers a great children's area, as well as resources for just about any type of research.

But, Bridges said library patrons frequently comment on how often the trains pass through. 

So, if you're among those patrons headed to the library to take advantage of those resources, maybe bring earplugs just in case.