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Pascagoula council identifies goals, plans for the city

The Pascagoula City Council participated in a team-building workshop session Tuesday to discuss their goals and plans for the city.

I attended part of the session and when I arrived, the council was working on an exercise that required them to write what they want newspaper headlines to say at the end of their term.

Positive headlines were suggested such as "Pascagoula eliminates blighted property" or "Economic development takes big leap forward in Pascagoula."

Other council goals included completing current projects, increasing the population, transforming the economic and recreational landscape, gain jobs, businesses and tax revenue, and get the community engaged in current activities.

The council seemed excited and very attentive at the workshop. Mayor Jim Blevins said some of Pascagoula’s strengths include the people and the industry in the area.

The session continues Wednesday and the council will continue to work together to identify their goals and steps towards them.