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Local seniors stay active with Silver Sneakers

The Silver Sneakers are staying active in Gautier.

The group of nearly 30 seniors works out at Body Work Gym in the Singing River Mall three times a week.

The group started in January 2012 and has grown so much that trainer Vincent Jackson is now holding two more classes each week.

The purpose of the workout is to help seniors keep their strength up to do everyday activities.

I caught up with a few members of the group at their post-workout social session at Delo's Heavenly House of Coffee in Gautier.

"When you get older, you start losing your strength,"  group member Lynn Stauter said. She added that these regular workouts help her build up her leg and arm strength.

Casimir Rickoll lives in Ocean Springs, but chooses the Gautier program for the company.

"It's closer for me to go to gym in Ocean Springs, but I like the group here," he said.

Silver Sneakers is a nationwide program and is supported by many gyms across the Gulf Coast.

Members said that once they turned 65, most insurance plans began to pay for the program so if you're interested or know someone who is, contact your local gym to find the nearest classes.