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Urban Camping in Pascagoula?

Urban camping is an "emerging trend" that involves spending the night (or multiple nights) in an inner-city type environment that is considered environmental, social and economic, according to a site dedicated to the activity.

Has this trendy type of urban camping been going on in Pascagoula?

At this week's regular meeting on Tuesday, the council plans to discuss an ordinance that would prohibit such activity in the city. City manager Joe Huffman said he is not sure of the specific reason for needing to ban urban camping but said it should make for an interesting discussion. 

Huffman said the matter has been brought up by the council in the past and is apparently enough of an issue to amend a local law over it. The city has received complaints about people living without a home in the area, but has received no complaints about groups such as the Boy Scouts camping in the woods.

Urban camping is also referred to as "stealth camping" and "guerrilla camping" and could hold several meanings "from simply pitching a tent on the sidewalk while waiting overnight for tickets, to making s'mores in the city park, to living a house-less lifestyle," according to

The article on the site even provides six steps to successfully urban camp, just in case anyone wanted to know.

Check back with Sun Herald on Wednesday to get the details of Pascagoula's council meeting and the decision on allowing camping in the city.