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Feeling at home in Jackson County

Three months ago I started a new journey in life as the Jackson County Editor for the Sun Herald.

During that time, I’ve met some great people, worked with new reporters and veteran journalists, and spent my time getting to know this new community that I now call home.

I’ve sat elbow to elbow with residents eating gumbo at the Blue Ribbon Jackson County Fair, browsed the booths at Zonta Festival and eaten breakfast with the locals at The Annex.

I received a tour of the NOAA Fisheries division in Pascagoula, had lunch with the mayor of Gautier, and shopped along Main Street in downtown Moss Point.

This morning I took a walk around my neighborhood in Pascagoula, along the beach and up Market Street where I grabbed an iced coffee at Crazy B’s. It was not what you would call a picture perfect day.

The ground was still wet from overnight rain and the sky was grey. Still, I found myself thinking how beautiful it was. Watching a barge move its cargo across the Mississippi Sound. Being greeted with “good morning” and steering wheel waves by parents as they dropped off their youngsters at Beach Elementary School and seeing the little ones dash off to class.

In the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas I found myself feeling grateful for this gift I’ve been given at this point in my life. To live in a wonderful community, work at a job I love and be close to my family (I’m from Mobile) in Jackson County on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.