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Wednesday quotes from Saints/Broncos



Saints QB Drew Brees on what Peyton Manning does better than others:

"He has such great command of the offense and the situation. You know he is one of those guys that is just so meticulous, you can just see it. I am sure his performance is indicative of his preparation. You can tell he is sitting there and surveying, he is making adjustments and you look at his sideline routine and the way he is studying pictures, you just constantly see a guy who is competing. Competing and trying to put himself and his team in the best position to succeed. You have a lot of respect for a guy like that, that has that approach."

Denver QB Peyton Manning on the Saints defense, ranked last in the NFL:


"I don't pay attention to rankings or statistics. I pay attention to what I see on film. I still see guys flying around. You see guys playing with great effort. (Malcolm) Jenkins' play probably won the game for them. It was a great effort play. Anytime you change a defensive coordinator, there's always a feeling out process. I see guys making plays out there. They have a lot of great athletes."


Denver coach John Fox on how much Manning's character and work ethic factored into his signing despite his neck injury:

"Much like I am sure the Saints did, you have your medical people look at him because none of us have doctor in front of our names. You do take in all expertise from doctors and knowing guys like Drew and Peyton, once it's thrown in their court they are going to attack it like nothing else. In Drew's case, just getting to know him over the years, he was going to do whatever it took. Once you got the go ahead medically you knew he was going to get that done. I think you can put Peyton in that same light."


Saints Interim Coach Joe Vitt on Denver and its halftime adjustments:

"I think right now they're outscoring their opponents in the fourth quarter, I think it's 79-6 or something like that. They're also phenomenal in the second half. If there's ever been a game where we're going to put finish as a premium, it's going to be this week. We're going to have to finish this game. We're going to get their best as the game goes on. I think that's an earmark of Peyton Manning and what he's done throughout his whole career. He does a great job on the sidelines of studying pictures and alignments in coverages. And sooner or later, no matter who he plays, he's going to get to you. We've got to be patient, we've got to tackle well, and we've got to limit the big play. He's going to get big plays on us, but we've got to be disciplined."