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Day 2: Walking in suburbia

Work it out

As soon as I left the office Wednesday evening, I was anxious to get home to go for a walk—the weather was beautiful, and I needed to scope out the sidewalks in my subdivision so I could devise a plan to walk and jog each morning as I start this journey.

I am from Kiln. The only landmarks we have are the public library, an iconic bar called Broke Spoke, and a gas station named Dolly’s in the middle of the town that I happened to work at throughout high school and college. Thus, I’ve never lived in a subdivision in my life. I’m not used to sidewalks, hundreds of houses that are built exactly the same, uniform trashcans and tiny lots with minimal outdoor space.

Being a newbie to Gulfport and the subdivision I live in, I was nervous about walking as the sun set. I just knew I would feel like the new neighbor in ‘Desperate Housewives’ that everyone judges. I mean, I did wear a tribal-print headband on my walk. However, I was proven wrong.

The sense of community I saw in my subdivision gave me the motivation to keep on walking.

As I began to jog through a cul-de-sac, a vivacious woman unpacking groceries from her car stopped and called out to me.

“I need to be doing what you’re doing,” she said.

If she only knew.

I could only smile and wave because I felt like I would trip over my own two feet if I tried to jog and talk at the same time.

As I got back to my house, the sky was shaded in purple, blue and orange. My first walk was beautiful. I was sweating and out of breath and really wanted a cheeseburger, but I had a turkey wrap with spinach instead. I felt like I had accomplished something.

Walking on sunshine

I woke up this morning feeling inspired, as cliché as it sounds. I went to pay my rent before coming into work, and my landlord told me she read my first blog post.

She told me she had been dieting as well and that she would keep up with my posts and wished me the best of luck.

As soon as I arrived in the office, my boss, Kate, informed me that she brought her tennis shoes to work with her today. We would be walking the building on our break. The support from those around me is reason enough to not give up on trying to lose this weight.

What’s next

I had a great, filling 200-calorie lunch. 8 slices of Sara Lee turkey breast, 10 ounces of watermelon chunks and steamed broccoli was definitely a great choice for Day 1 of my diet.

Tonight will be my first night in the gym. I don’t know what I’m more worried about—what kind of play list I need to create on my iPod or the possibility of tripping on the treadmill and eating the floor.

I guess we’ll see what lies ahead.