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If you didn't know already, there's a football game Thursday

Don't freak out if you hear a loud roar at the conclusion of the national anthem before Thursday night's Picayune-Pascagoula game.

C Spire has arranged for a Coast Guard fly over prior to the game, which is set for an official 7:10 p.m. kickoff.

I have a story running in Wednesday's paper that will go into further detail on what all is expected for the game. It should make for a nice spectacle for the fans.

* Expect Pascagoula's Stacey Warren to start at quarterback and linebacker on Thursday just like he did last week at Ocean Springs.

* Pascagoula coach Lewis Sims isn't sharing injury information this week, but he admits "we're banged up."

* Al Jones and I have stories running in Wednesday's paper that analyze both sides with the Pascagoula defense going against a strong Picayune offense.

However, Sims admits that there's very little mystery as to what the two teams will try to accomplish Thursday.

"I made the comment to somebody that we'd find out who we were on Thursday, and the guy popped back, 'Coach, you already know who you are. It's just whether or not you show up,'" Sims said. "He's right. We know our strengths and weakenesses and Picayune knows their strengths and weaknesses. It's about who can minimize mistakes. Who can focus around the hoopla? It's going to be a who-can-execute game."

* The Sun Herald will be blowing out Thursday night games with multiple photographers, several reporters, blogs, tweets... you name it, we'll be doing it.

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