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Galette: Saints D needs to "finish" games

Maybe this Saints defense isn't as bad as it seems.

Before Jamaal Charles' 91-yard touchdown run late in the third quarter of Sunday's overtime loss, the Kansas City running back was held to 44 yards on 13 carries.

Now, of course, the fact of the matter is that Charles DID add the 91-yard TD run, and a 40-yarder not long after that, ending the game with 238 yards. But that's why DE Junior Galette mentioned a saying from his childhood.

"My momma always taught me don't do nothing you can't finish, and the same thing for these games," he said Friday. 

"Why go  out there if you can't finish? We've got to be able to finish."

It only takes one miscue, slightly to the right, or to the left, to throw off any defense. And when you're up against a talented running back, it doesn't take much space to set off a race to the end zone. 

On Sunday, will the Saints defense finish against veteran RB Cedric Benson