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Saints blog: Numbers, number, numbers

Before we get to the Numbers, here's a peak into the Green Bay locker room to watch their reaction to the controversial ending of Monday Night's game against Seattle.

According to By Tyler Dunne of the Journal Sentinel, the Packers took the loss hard. Dunne's story quoted a player in the Green Bay locker room:

"They (expletive) up and they didn't want 80,000 people killing him on the way out... They reverse that (expletive) and they have to worry about somebody killing him."  

Back to Saints/Packers...

We all know the 2012 Saints have struggled in the fourth quarter. Here's just how much:

QB Drew Brees ranks 32nd in the NFL in fourth-quarter passing. That's worse than Seattle rookie Russell Wilson, worse than Kansas City's Matt Cassel, worse than Oakland's Carson Palmer, worse than Tampa Bay's Josh Freeman... 

Brees has completed just 48.9 percent of his passes in fourth quarters (22-of-45) for 308 yards. He also has two touchdowns and three interceptions. His passing rating during this span is 58.4.

Only Cleveland rookie Brandon Weeden and Atlanta's Matt Ryan is worse. Really, just Ryan because he hasn't had to do much of anything in fourth quarters.

In case you were wondering, Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers ranks 20th in the league (62.9 percent passing for 258 yards with two TDs and two INTs. Passing rating of 80.4.

And, more bad news for the Saints offense heading into Sunday's game at Green Bay: The Packers defense doesn't like working overtime.

These guys are good at getting off the field on third down. Only Houston (22.2 percent) and Chicago (24.3 percent) do a better job than Green Bay's 25.7 percent.

During Monday Night's 14-12 loss to Seattle, Green Bay allowed the Seahawks to convert just two of 11 third downs, including none in the second half. 

For the Saints, the offense is tied for 11th in the NFL with a third-down conversion percentage of 37.8.

Wondering which number will hold true on Sunday - 25.7 (Green Bay) or 37.8 (New Orleans)... 

The challenge for the Saints? Their offensive strength is Green Bay's defensive strength - while the Saints hope to play their first complete game on offense, complete with a passing game which made the Saints the league's top offense in 2011, the Packers excel at stopping the pass, allowing opponents just 125.3 yards a game - tops this season in the NFL..

We know the Saints need to do a better job at protecting Drew Brees... His linemen said as much on Monday. even RB Pierre Thomas was upset he didn't pass block as well as he should have vs. Kansas City.