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Winless winners - Get it?

In my game Saints/Chiefs game story, I called the Saints "winless winners."

At least one reader didn't get it. Here's my explanation.

Most teams, after losing the first three games of a football season, would start looking around, trying to tinker with the product. The Saints are confident that the right players are on the field, the correct system in place in terms of plays and schedule.

Saints players and coaches talk about keeping things in order, not panicking, despite being the lone winless team in the NFC. Despite being a favorite in the NFC South.

When the Saints look in the mirror, they see an underachieving team waiting to figure things out. They see winners.

And they are, everywhere but on the scoreboard. Winless winners.

I've seen less-talented teams on offense turn around worse starts than this. The last to do it? The 2009 Tennessee Titans. Coming off a 13-3 season in 2008, they lost their first six games of the season before winning the next seven of eight. 

Two important points, though: The Titans made a change at quarterback (Kerry Collins to Vince Young) and a QB change will not, and should not occur here. Also, the 2009 Titans still missed the playoffs. 

Interim coach Aaron Kromer, asked on Monday if it's possible the Saints roster isn’t as good as it was one a year ago, said, "I don’t know if you can compare two different years, the situations, the circumstances, the teams you play and the matchups you have individually. We’re not playing the same schedule we had last year. You can’t compare the two to be honest. We have plenty of guys to get this done and we will."