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If you could take back a few moments Sunday vs. Kansas City

Little things, some moments in games, have kept the Saints winless in 2012.

They're close to winning. But until they actually win, these moments serve as reasons why they have yet to beat another NFL team.

Put this under the Saints' growing list of What Ifs for 2012: What if Pierre Thomas' circus non-catch near the end of the first half is ruled a catch and a touchdown?

The Saints go up 17-6 at halftime, instead of watching Garrett Hartley miss from 38 yards. And Kansas City's offense, even with Jamaal Charles' 91-yard run in the third quarter, proved that it wasn't good enough to score a lot of points, and certainly not fast. 

If the Saints kept them out of the end zone for most of the second half, forcing the Chiefs to settle for field goals, the Chiefs simply would not have had enough time to force overtime. Saints would be 1-2 instead of the lone winless team in the NFC, the biggest disappointment in the league thus far.

Lots of What Ifs, right?

Here's another one. What if defensive tackle Martez Wilson isn't held on Charles' long run? Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, asked Monday if Wilson was held, said most calls of the nature are "subjective," the best way he could answer the question without opening criticizing the replacement referees.

What if Lance Moore's feet were just a little smaller and he gets his second foot on the right side of the pile on? And the biggest What If in the Saints' control on Sunday: What if they stop Charles short on fourth-and-1?

When you're winless, things appear to never go your way...