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Well kiss my grits -- they're yellow!

Now I admit, I'm not a native Southerner. My husband is almost always happy to point out that fact to any and all who will listen.

I'm sure it has something to do with not being a big fan of greens. Just sayin'.

However, I have lived in the South most of my life (and am a Rebel by the grace of Ole Miss) so I have adopted many Southern dishes into my Yankee heart.

One of them is grits. Love them! I can make grits with the best of them, smooth as silk and never lumpy. I do note, however, that grits tend to be a little bland and need a good dash or two of salt and some butter to flavor them up. (Cheese also is an awesome addition to the breakfast staple, in my opinion.)

But this weekend, I had breakfast at my sister's house and was introduced to yellow grits. They are, in a word, awesome.

More flavorful than regular grits, they are prepared the same way, but require less salt and butter. The difference, it seems, is that yellow grits are made from corn, not hominy.

But still, it's worth a try! Tell me what you think!