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Maybe... these Saints aren't as good as we thought

I asked interim coach Aaron Kromer today if the Saints - based on performance, not potential or the past - aren't a very good team right now.

After all... what works one season in the NFL isn't guaranteed to work the next. And for the Saints, few things have worked during losses to Washington and Carolina to open the 2012 season, making the Saints the lone winless team in the NFC.

Here's what Kromer had to say:

"Our team... when you're on the inside, you see that our team is going to be a good team. Right now, are we a good team? No. We're not good enough.

"We've lost two games by eight points, so that not good enough by that much. We need to find a way to have a nine-point difference in those last two games to get a win. And we're right there. We have the ball at the end of the game with a chance to win theses games.

"In the first one (vs. Washington), you can say we shouldn't have (had a chance to win) and this one (at Carolina), production-wise, yeah, we should have had a chance to win that one. but that's how far away we are. There's no way possible you can say we're not a good football team. Are we playing great right now? No. Not good enough to win. But we need to be nine points better than we are right now. That's not asking a lot."