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Saints Blog: All the RG3 you care to handle

Listening to Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins rookie quarterback and one-time Saints fan, he is more than ready for the intense praise and criticism that accompanies his job as quarterback.

On Wednesday, RG3 - as he's known - was in no mood to explain why his ability to run should not undermine his ability to throw the ball. When asked if he thought his skill set fits the NFL, he said yes, but didn't feel like he needed to prove himself off the field. 

"I’m beyond the days of trying to argue whether I’m a running quarterback or not. The thing you have to do is go prove it on the field. Last time I checked, I’ve thrown for a lot more yards than I’ve run for."

Saints QB Drew Brees said he met Griffin at Super Bowl XLVI...

"Funny enough, myself, Jimmy Graham and Tim Tebow played him and a couple of other guys in the Madden Bowl at Super Bowl last year in Indianapolis," Brees said.

"We actually beat him on a last second touchdown to Lance Moore. We were the Saints. I can’t remember who they were, but that was fun. It was the first time I met him. I congratulated him on the Heisman. Obviously that was before the draft. We didn’t know he’d be picked up by the Redskins and we’d be opening up against him." 

Here's more on the Redskins QB...

RG3 on expecting a noisy semi-kinda homecoming at the Superdome:

"I’ve been to games at the Superdome before," he told New Orleans media on Wednesday morning. "Both of my parents were born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, so I know what it’s like to be a fan of the Saints and the atmosphere that it will be like once we step into that stadium and that dome. It’s definitely going to be loud. They are going to be pumped up, ready to go. It’s just our job to go out and execute."

The Redskins, he said, are attempting to prepare for the noise, which can make it difficult for offenses to communicate - from coaches on the sideline trying to relay information to Griffin to players trying to hear the snap count on the line of scrimmage. 

RG3 also talked about his ties to New Orleans, dating to pre-Katrina:

"I remember visiting New Orleans before Katrina. I came back and visited my family a lot and also remember New Orleans after Katrina and just the devastation that occurred and how many of my family members ended up having to move to Texas, where I was at, to homes and shelters for a little bit before they went back and just to go back and see the devastation to their houses, how many of them lost their houses and had to start over. It was extremely sad. I do have great memories of it from my childhood, but as of lately, I haven’t been back as much. The last image in my head is from Katrina."

RG3 on Brees:

"I know Drew’s a Texas guy who also wanted to go to Baylor, but Baylor didn’t offer him a scholarship and he ended up going to Purdue. Asides from that all I know is what I know as a fan of the game, just watching him play, going out there and playing with a chip on his shoulder and doing things of that nature."

RG3 on playing in front of family members living in New Orleans:

"It will be special for me to have my whole family there and to be able to watch the Griffin name on the back of a jersey in the NFL for the first time. For my family, it will be huge. It will definitely be a great experience going to the Superdome to play Drew Brees and the Saints in my family’s hometown, whether I can claim it or not."