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Kromer: 5 (RBs) better than 4

On Monday, we talked to Aaron Kromer as he debuted as interim coach. Perhaps his best answer during the post-practice press conference: He was asked how prepared he felt he would be for something that goes "off script."

His answer?

“The only thing your can guarantee is change. Things are going to change but we have been around long enough to adapt. We have always said here that we adapt better than anyone in the NFL. We adjust better than anyone. Things don’t distract us. We don’t let little things bother us. We only worry about the big things. We keep the main thing as the main thing. That is what we talked about today. Make sure when you show up in this office that you are focused on what we’re doing. It has been Sean’s (Payton) to never let little things bother the organization and become a distraction. If we have something happen, we will adjust. We are ready.”  

Meanwhile, Kromer was still smiling about the Saints' decision to keep five halfbacks, which made Travaris Cadet the latest undrafted rookie free agent to make the Saints' opening day roster. 

"You didn’t hear his name before he started practicing with us in any of the scouting world and this guy came in and has done a wonderful job," Kromer said.

Kromer said there was talk about the Saints trading a seventh-round pick for a young cornerback or safety... until they looked at their roster and draft history and saw the kinds of players they have selected with those picks.

"You look at a starter and now first-time captain, (right tackle) Zach Strief is a seventh rounder. A young man, another right tackle, from Nebraska, Marcel Jones, has made it as a seventh rounder. (Receiver) Marques Colston, of course, is probably our best seventh rounder ever. 

"You go down the line of free agents and late-round draft picks that most (teams) just kind of pick somebody; we have hit on a ton of guys. Not only does that help you athletically but when you think about a guy that has gotten picked in the seventh round or been a free agent or a practice squad player and has made the team, that guy might have more character or more desire because he was passed over by a lot of people. When you get a collection of those guys together you are going to have a lot of character on the team."