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Saints vs: Washington (Week 1)

I steered clear of the Washington Redskins two weeks ago during my Fantasy Football draft ... Looking at their final roster, that may have been a good decision.

Washington Post columnist Tracee Hamilton seems to agree, adding that the 2012 Skins have a "willingness to change -- especially to change the roles of current players and when that doesn't work, to change players."

TE Chris Cooley - Gone...

RB Tim Hightower - See Ya!

WR Jabar Gaffney - Nice knowing ya...

And the replacements? At the top of the New Guys List is, of course, rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. All this to say, when the Saints face the Redskins in their regular-season opener, you're certainly going to need a program to keep up with the visiting team.

Check out Hamilton's story here

Which Redskins RB will the Saints face? According to Rich Campbell of the Washington Times, Who knows...