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Sweeten the deal with this jalapenos recipe

My husband (and my brother) love to add heat to recipes with spices and peppers.

My brother, especially, believes that more is better when adding hot pepppers to dishes. His habenero cream sauce is one example. And, while he brings the heat, the sauce is outstanding. Just be sure to have your favorite beverage handy!

So imagine my surprise when my brother-in-law Stan told us about a pepper condiment that brings mild heat -- bread and butter jalapeno slices.

They're made just like bread and butter pickles, but you substitute sliced jalapenos for the cucumbers in the mix. One recipe I found on even suggests that seeds be removed from some of the jalapeno slices to tone down the heat.

We got our bread and butter jalapenos from the Long Beach Farmer's Market, which is open from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays in Long Beach next to Bankhouse Coffee.

But if you want to try your hand at some in your own kitchen, try the link above. That way, you can play with the heat meter yourself and find the heat you like best.