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Changing things up a bit on tried-and-true recipes

So, I'm back after too long of a hiatus. Hey!

Blueberries are in season and what better time to talk about recipes with blueberries than the week leading up to the Blueberry Jubliee in Poplarville.

The celebration of the blue fruit is a wonderful, family-friendly affair that features music, crafts, classic cars, homemade treats and, of course, blueberries.

In a past blog post, I offered a recipe for what we call Blueberry Delight, which is a wonderfully cool summer treat that my cousin, Lisa Mitchell, calls blueberry crack because she just can't stop eating it.

This year, I tried a little variation that I thought worked really well.

Instead of making the dessert as a bar-like dessert in a baking dish, I instead made a streusel topping and then layered that with the whipped topping filling so that it's more like a trifle. Or, you could make individual desserts the same way so it's more of a parfait.

Experiment a little! It was fun to try and I'm sure I'll try some other things -- once I cool off from being outside picking all those lucious berries.

See y'all at the Jubilee!