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Mad about hats!

art direction by Stacy Wadsworthmakeup by Mallory Fitzgeraldlocation provided by Don and Peggy Spraberry

Wide brim Large brim, floppy hats are romantic, feminine and attention-getters. “A wide brim gives a tall woman a more elegant look. If you’re more heavy set, it gives a more slender look,” says Ethel Shaw, owner of Fashion Touch Boutique in Gulfport.Suggestion | Wear with a tailored suit.

“This fall you cannot go wrong with either a wool large brimmed floppy hat, or a trilby (wide-brimmed fedora) hat accented with feathers to complement those bohemian fashions that are big for fall and winter.”— Stacie Broussard, Browse Myrtle’s House, Ocean Springs

LampshadesThese give a short woman some height.

Vintage Styles continue to roll back, with trends from the 1920s, 1950s and 1960s coming to scene with winter. Pillbox and fascinator hats with netting or feathers are back.Suggestion | If you don’t like a lot of hat, choose this style.

HeadbandsInstead of wearing the traditional form of hat, try a hood, earmuffs or knitted headband, which are perfect for keeping your ears warm.

CapsCaps — chenille, baseball, military — are in for casual weekend wear.

“As far as the caps, that’s going to the trends in Hollywood with the younger actors like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Anniston.”— Darlene Wilson, Dillard’s, Edgewater Mall

Fedora This classic style is the perfect topper for the boy-chic style.

“This fall’s wool fedoras can instantly change your look from bad hair day to classic Hollywood style.”— Stacie Broussard, Browse Myrtle’s House, Ocean Springs

KnittedThese cozy and colorful headdresses are great for casual looks.Suggestion | Combine them with layered pieces.

“We’re going back to the ‘20s.”— Darlene Wilson, Dillard’s, Edgewater Mall