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Chicken with a slice

I like to eat a lot of chicken in the summer because it's light and easy to fix.

But like most folks, I tend to fall back on a few favorites when it comes to recipes, which can make the summer staple a bit stale after a while.

So imagine my delight when my husband concocted this simple way to cook chicken that is delicious and simple!

He took boneless chicken thighs, seasoned them lightly with Tony Chachere's and placed them on a foil-lined baking sheet.

Then he added a slice of Vidalia onion and topped it with a slice of lemon.

He cooked them on a 350 oven until the chicken was done (about 25 minutes) and dinner that night was succulent, tangy and slightly sweet from the onion.

Serve that with a summer salad and some veggies and you've got a wonderful summer meal.